2015 Celebrating the Ordinary





I thought I would start the year with a bit of a reflection and projection.

2014 was a huge year of creativity and chaos! Wonderful growth and uncomfortable enlightenment in life as a mother and an artist.

As is usual for me I was always one step behind the forward motion of time. I never quite finished anything before I was already into the next thing. This multi-tasking is the norm for me and has been since I was very young. As I stare my 40th year in the face there is a growing sense of realisation and relaxation into the now. A shift in focus from making something happen to letting it happen, and a letting go of the desire to be everywhere at once.

My guiding thought for this year is

“How we live our days is, of course, how we live our lives”

I have these 2 amazing creatures growing and living and learning with me and it is so exciting to be present for them. I have a choreographic and performative body of work that I am proud of and I can feel some things working their way towards a conclusion that will hopefully shine a light on the way forward. And if not…. well it doesn’t matter cause I am going to live everyday celebrating the ordinary. A vegie garden is pretty awesome, shildren are pretty awesome, baking bread is pretty awesome, knitting is pretty awesome and dancing and making movement is vital to life and can be done ANYWHERE!

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