Circling the Brink


Circling the Brink (CTB) is seeking Expressions Of Interest from artists of all genres, to participate in an opportunity to develop artistic practice & networks and present a short work or installation in a site-specific presentation platform.

The CTB program includes:

  • Sunday 26th Feb (10am-5pm) – a day of sharing practice and working together on-site at Telopea Gardens in Emerald.
  • March – April 7th – a self managed creative development period that culminates in a showing/presentation during the Performing and Visual Arts in Emerald (PAVE) Festival, 2017.
  • Presentation dates 8th & 9th April 2017

This is not a medium specific platform and we encourage artists from diverse areas of practice to converge in one place to make, present & share creative practice. The presentation will be structured as a garden gallery of site specific installations/performances at Telopea Gardens. It will be run in conjunction with Telopea Garden’s Open Garden event, also for The PAVE Festival.


Duets, real &/or imagined is our point of provocation for 2017. The name Duplexity, among other things, refers to a system of communication that allows simultaneous feedback in both directions. Duplexity is an apt way of thinking about the relationship between body/object/space, landscape/movement/representation, audience/artwork, two bodies in space or one body’s simultaneous duets with multiple possibilities, in the world of things or the space of thoughts. Your process of duplexity is as big or a small as you need it to be.

What Happens

The process begins with a day of sharing practice to ignite the confrontation of mind, body & artistic practice in the landscape. Each participant will be asked to bring one idea to share with the group in a 20-30 minute session. Then, via a self-managed creative process CTB encourages you to traverse the borders of the parameters you place on your practice and explore the meeting point of your practice, the location and the thematic provocation. We ask you to invite the duplexity of communication between the site, your practice & the unintended to have an active part in your process of making.

This program is deliberately flexible in order to remain accessible to as many artists as possible, acknowledging the complexity of modern working artists schedules. We encourage you to contact Viv Rogis to discuss your participation and devise a program of working that will suit both the aims of the platform and the needs of the artist.

As a participant in the CTB program the PAVE Festival will endeavour to provide;

  • A box office split.
  • Documentation in photographic and video form of your work from the performances.
  • Up to 15 hours of rehearsal space per performance group at Emerald Community House Hall.
  • Unlimited access to your chosen site at Telopea Gardens for the period of development. (this will be worked out in consultation with the owners of the Garden & Viv Rogis)
  • Participation in a publicised and managed presentation opportunity.

You are responsible for;

  • Managing your creative development schedule.
  • Maintaining open communication with Viv Rogis during the self-managed creative development phase.
  • Your own transport & accommodation if required.
  • Costume and set materials for the performance/installation.


Fill out the online google form here.

If you have any difficulties or questions contact Viv. 0417663778

Applications due 11th Feb 2017.

NB – While we do not have funds to support travel and accommodation if you need assistance with this please contact Vivienne Rogis as we may be able to arrange car pooling and discount accommodation closer to the start of the project. This project is made possible by support from The PAVE Festival, Telopea Gardens, Emerald Community House, independant artist Vivienne Rogis and all those who participate. Unfortunately it is not a funded opportunity and relies on the inkind generosity of participants and volunteers. It is an example of the convergence of passion, energy and community in a limited financial context. We are working to find new ways to meet the financial challenges of the program so please keep this in mind as you make your application and we will endeavour to provide all the support we can.

2017 is the 4th year of CTB at the PAVE Festival. If you would like to have a look at previous CTB projects visit our FB page.

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