Current Classes & Workshops

WEEKLY CLASS SCHEDULE for Adults and Children

Day/TIME Studio Murui Boronia Scout Hall
Tues 10-11am Movement Meditation (NC)
Weds 10-11am Movement Meditation
Thurs 10-11:30am Advanced Modern Dance
Sat 10-11:30am  Adults Dance Class
Fri 4-8pm  Dance ARC classes for young people. (Contemp/Hip Hop) See Dance ARC Page
Sat 9am-5pm Dance ARC classes for young people. (Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Singing) See Dance ARC Page

Special Workshops in Tumbling delivered by Ruccis Circus 19th Feb, 5th & 19th March @ Boronia. See Special Workshops page


Studio Murui – Studio Murui is a mongolian yurt (tent) on Vivienne’s own property. Address: 3 Grandview Ave, Emerald. Parking is limited so car pooling is encouraged.

Boronia Scout Hall – 44 Chandler Avenue, Boronia

Contact Viv Rogis on 0417663778 or

For detailed information  click on the class you are interested in. 

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