Workshops for Children & Young People

See Dance ARC Skills Development Classes for current weekly class schedule.

See Dance ARC for school holiday programs for young people. 

Contact me on viv@spaceinmotion if you would like a specialised class for your community group or school. I can offer the following classes.

Kids In Motion – Creative Dance for 4-6yr olds????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Creative Dance classes for children aged 4-6 years. These classes include movement, story and craft activities to give children an opportunity to fully explore their imaginations and movement potential.

Kids in Motion – Creative Dance for 7-10yr olds

These classes will introduce students to age appropriate aspects of modern dance technique and choreographic (making up dances) processes. They seek to foster joy in movement and clarity of expression by developing a ‘thinking body’. Modern dance technique develops a deep understanding of individual physicality and how it relates to the space around you and the thoughts and feelings inside you.WP_003695

Make Your Own Dance – Choreography for 10-14yrs & 15yrs and over

This class will begin with a contemporary dance technique warm-up followed by creative tasks and exercises that will develop skills in making movement. The skills you learn in this class can be transferred to any movement style and all styles are welcome in the class. When you start making your own moves they can be your own. Each term we will choose a theme to work with making a dance to show parents in the final class of term.  There is also the potential for public performances if the opportunity arises. This class would compliment any other training you are doing at other dance schools in the area. It is not designed to replace but to enhance these.

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