Workshops for Professional/Experienced Dancers

Modern Dance Technique11258091_842407525851531_5816302135642374719_o

Vivienne’s modern dance class is primarily based in the Humphrey/Limon technique with elements of Graham and Horton technique incorporated. This is the style she brings to the current generations of dancers from Australian modern dance pioneer Elizabeth Cameron Dalman with whom Vivienne has worked for the last 17 years. The class has an emphasis on breath as we contract and release our muscles and is a structured series of exercises that develop ease, flow & joy in movement with a deep understanding of alignment and posture.

Composition & Choreography

Vivienne has 20 years experience as an independent choreographer creating works for the stage, screen and non traditional spaces. She has worked with people from different cultures, different age groups and with different abilities. She works across art forms and is very interested in the interaction of dance with other forms of expressing the exploration of experience & thought, such as the social sciences, philosophy & psychology. Vivienne’s approach to choreography is wholistic taking into consideration social and physical context & content. Movement is understood as part of a broader picture that invites collaboration at all levels of creation and seeks to communicate ideas, feelings and concepts. She draws on her experiences as a social researcher, performer, film maker, audience member & mother in the development and fulfilment of her work from concept to final performance.

Paths are Made by Walking

Paths are Made by Walking – Photo by Klips Photography – Performers from Mirramu Dance Company

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