Bush Fire Safety Policy

All Dance ARC classes and workshops that are run during the annual fire season in high risk areas are subject to this fire policy. We request that all parents and guardians of participants keep informed of bush fire safety information and ratings on the CFA Victoria website.


On VERY HIGH fire danger ratings and below classes/workshops will run as normal.

On SEVERE and EXTREME fire danger days, classes/workshops will continue unless there has been a series of extreme days in a row.

On CODE RED days and an EXTREME day that follows a series of extreme rated days, classes/workshops will be cancelled the night before via text message.


Bush Fire Evacuation Person – To participate in our workshops during the fire season we require each child/participant to have a designated Bush Fire Evacuation Person. This needs to be an adult with a car, that will be contactable via text message and can arrive at the venue within 30mins of receiving a text message. We ask that this adult is nominated at the beginning of the week on the enrolment forms so that we can set up the emergency bush fire evacuation text group before we begin. If the bush fire emergency person changes at any point in the week you need to inform us immediately.

On SEVERE & EXTREME bush fire rated days the Bush Fire Evacuation Person will be responsible for;

1. Keeping their mobile phone charged and checked regularly.

2. Monitoring the Emeragency Victoria website so that they are aware of the fire activity in the area for their own safety and in order to plan their route to and from the venue.

3. Staying within 30 minutes of the venue for the whole workshop period.

On SEVERE & EXTREME fire danger days DANCE ARC Will;

1. Monitor fire activity within a 15km radius of the venue on the Emergency Victoria website.

2. Send a text message to the fire emergency evacuation text group if there is fire activity of a medium scale within that 15km radius.

3. Wait inside the venue until all participants have been collected.


If we are unable to wait for the 30mins till the Bush Fire Evacuation Person arrives will evacuate to Emerald Community House 356-358 Belgrave-Gembrook Road Emerald Victoria 3782.

Refund Policy – for cancellation of classes due to bush fire ratings

If we cancel the classes/workshops due to bushfire danger before the day of the event then we will refund 50% of the cost of that day. There will not be a refund if we have to enact our emergency plan.

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