Weekly Class Schedule

For bookings contact viv on 0417663778 or viv@spaceinmotion.com

Weekly Class Schedule

Wednesday Classes
Scout Hall
4:15-5pm Spring Into Ballet (5-7yrs)
6:30-7:15pm Pilates (Adults & SNR students)
 7:15-8pm Open Ballet Centre Class (Adults & SNR students)
If attending on a casual basis Pilates ($10/class) Pilates & Ballet ($15/class)
Friday Classes
Scout Hall Guide Hall
4-5pm JNR/Inters Contemp(5-5:30pm Inters extension)
5:30-7pm SNR Contemp 5-6pm JNR Hip Hop
6-7pm Inters Hip Hop
7-8pm SNR Hip Hop


Saturday Classes
Scout Hall Guide Hall Singing Room
9-10 Tiny Tots 9-10am JNR Jazz
10-11:30 SNR Jazz 10:30-11:30 Adults Dance class 10-11am JNR/Inters Singing
11:30am -12:30pm JNR Ballet 11:30am -12:30pm Inters Jazz 11:30-12:30pm SNR Singing
12:30-1:30pm Inters Ballet 12:30-1:30pm  JNR Tap
1:30-2:30pm SNRS Ballet 2-3pm Inters Tap
2:30 -3:15pm SNR Pointe 3:30-4:30pm SNR Tap

Term Dates 2017

Term 1 – Fri 3rd Feb – Sat 25th March (8weeks)

Term 2 – Fri 21st April – Sat 21st June (10 weeks)

Term 3 – Fri 21st July – Sat 23rd Sept (10 weeks)

Term 4 – Fri 13th Oct – Sun 12th November (5 weeks)

Concert – Sunday 12th November @ Burrinja Cultural Centre

Fee Schedule

  • Fees are to be paid by the term and a due by the end of week 3.
  • You can Pay by Internet Banking or in Cash. (Details will be on invoice)
  • Families will be charged as per the number of hours attended across the whole family up to 8hrs. This works out as a great saving for families.
  • Family Dance Pass – Unlimited classes allows family members to attend all classes. That includes Mum & Dad.
  • Once yearly insurance fee of $15 per family.
  • Costumes will be hired and cost $35 per costume.
Hours per week Cost Per week
1hr $14
2hrs $26
3hrs $36
4hrs $44
5hrs $50
6hrs $55
7hrs $60
Family Dance Pass 8hrs+ $65
pointe class $9


Teaching Staff

Contemporary (Viv Rogis) – Vivienne’s contemporary dance class draws on modern dance techniques such as Humphrey/Limon, Graham and Horton, with influences from her cross cultural work in Japan and Taiwan. The style she brings to the current generations of dancers springs from Australian modern dance pioneer Elizabeth Cameron Dalman with whom Vivienne has worked for the last 17 years and her long longstanding work with Ruth Osborne at QL2 Dance. Her class has an emphasis on breath and breadth of movement & is a structured series of exercises that develop ease, flow & joy in movement with a deep understanding of alignment and posture. 

Ballet – (Viv Rogis) – Viv’s ballet class is an open class (not in a particular syllabus style) designed to foster a deep understanding of correct posture & alignment as well as enjoyment of classical dance as a beautiful and powerful way of moving. Viv’s training in ballet was in the RAD syllabus as a young person and then under Lucette Aldous at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts at Edith Cowan University.

Tap & Jazz (Jodie Greenwood) – Jodie Greenwood brings a wealth of experience in teaching, performing & choreography of Tap & Jazz to her classes. As the director of Upstage Dance Academy for 10 years she has been teaching young people for many years and is passionate about dance. Her great routines are a joy to dance.

Hip Hop – (Harley) A high energy class that develops strength and fitness alongside fantastic Hip Hop Moves! Harley is trained in Jazz, Ballet and Tap, as well as many “street” styles of dance, such as Pop & Lock, Funk, Break, New Jack Swing, and Hip Hop.

Singing – (Jennie Mortimer)

Strength & Conditioning (Term 1 & 3) – (Gabrielle Davidson) This strength and conditioning class is designed to support the dancers work in the studio. Gabby’s aim is to bring awareness to, and strengthen the basic core muscles around the dancers hips, upper backs, calves and feet and abdominals. She also hopes the class will give the dancers a good guide for stretching and how to incorporate some of the exercises into a regular warm up for any class. Gabby is bringing together her experience as a dancer and her knowledge as a physio to help support young dancers in their efforts to improve their technique and allow their dance quality to shine through. Following a successful 10 year ballet career in the Australian Ballet she retired to study physiotherapy and has continued to work with elite dancers at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, the Australian Ballet Company and the Australian Ballet School, as well as honing her craft in hospitals and private practice.


What to Wear

Tiny Tots – Your favourite dancing clothes (no long skirts or baggy pants). Tights & a leotard with a wrap-around skirt or dress up tutu is good for girls. Shorts and a t-shirt for boys. Girls – tan jazz shoes, boys – black jazz shoes.

NB: Black/white knee pads advisable for all in Hip Hop or Contemporary classes.

       Winter – A long sleeved crossover. Leg warmers (not too bulky)

Boys (For all classes)

  • White or black t-shirt
  • Black shorts (not too baggy)
  • Either black bike shorts or leggings for underneath shorts.
  • White/black socks with black ballet, jazz or tap shoes. Black jazz boots for Hip Hop.

Girls – (Jazz, Tap & Hip Hop)

  • Black leotard (optional Dance ARC T-shirt for Hip Hop)
  • Pink tights
  • Black jazz shorts (hot pants)
  • Tan coloured jazz or tap shoes
  • Black Jazz boots for Hip Hop.
  • Hair must be tied back neatly, off the face.

Girls Ballet

  • Pink tights
  • Black leotard.
  • Pink Ballet shoes. (Leather ones last longer than the canvas)
  • Hair must be worn in a bun or tied back in a tight pony tail. Loose hair will interfere with the movement in class. Those with very long hair need to have a bun

Girls Contemporary

  • Leggings or pink tights with foot holes & jazz shorts
  • Black leotard and/or Dance ARC T-shirt.
  • Bare feet.
  • No very loose or baggy clothing. Hair must be tied back neatly, off the face.

What to Bring – Drink Bottle, hand towel, clothes to wear over your dancing gear as you arrive and leave, particularly in winter.


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Contact Viv on 0417663778 or viv@spaceinmotion.com


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