From the Corner of my Eye

From the Corner of my Eye at HillsceneLIVE


Last night I got to trial a new idea with an audience! What an awesomely fun, scary, unexpected experience. This idea has been growing slowly over a long period of time, coalescing in small increments as I make each opportunity that comes my way bend towards its fruition as it emerges from the intersection of my theoretical study in visual anthropolgy and my movement practice.

As I spiral slowly in a new direction for my creative practice the transition from concept & rehearsal to practice and performance is always a edgy and unknown leap of faith and so very valuable. When you are messing with the boundaries of self of performance, reshaping the space, and asking for active participation from your audience the almost banal ‘in-progress showing’ has taken on a new urgency for me.


Last night was an exercise in embracing the unexpected not just from the audience and their response to the installation but also from my own reactions to the experience as it unfolded in time and space. My intention was to gently bring awareness to the act of viewing or seeing an ‘artwork’, to energise the space of interpretation and hand back some kind of agency to the audience. In this process I came hard up against my own performative boundaries and ways of being a performer. Gaps in communication became clear and the potential to be alive to new opportunities within the performative context revealed themselves. The loudest message from the experience last night, as a performer, was that there is more to discover, more to let go of and more possibility in one moment than I had ever expected.


HillsceneLIVE is a mini arts festival curated by Gareth Hart to launch the quarterly publications of the beautiful Hillscene Magazine. There are 3 more to come! Put the 5th September in your diaries as that is the next one!




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