Full Bodied Potential



Potential by Janine Proost, Photograph by Pippa Dodds

I have been in Melbourne for 3 years now and this is the first year I have managed to descend from my hills home to the city to enjoy the many and varied fruits of the Fringe Festival. Now a month on I have found some time to begin reflecting on and processing the experiences I had, and to share some of these with the artists and the elusive mysterious unknown readers who may stumble upon my blog. These are not reviews but reflections on my own personal experience in a performance. Often I write them after some time has passed to see what has stayed with me and what has evaporated. A distilling of my deeper experience.

I am going to begin with POTENTIAL.

  • Choreographed by Janine Proost
  • Performed by: Natalie Abbott, Rebecca Jensen, Amelia McQueen and Janine Proost
  • Lighting design: Matt Adey
  • Provocateur: Nat Cursio

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience of POTENTIAL. It was a full body/mind experience that challenged me on many levels and satisfied my deep desire for dance work that questions, that moves beyond the acrobatic potential of the body and engages in an experience of the body in all its possibilities. As a collaborator with time, with thought, with the deeply personal and profoundly universal experience of the world around us. What follows is a description of my mind/body experience distilled by time and enjoyed again as I wrote it down. It begins…..

A long hall leads us to an open space that we must cross …..

As we enter the space, making a beeline for the seating, the audience takes a brief glance at the performers. As we hurry to our place with anticipation, living in the future we nearly miss the opportunity in the moment, of a rich red and gold impression in a position of open heartedness. A light, gold, exposed feeling with a weight of blood red emotion. As the mind opens to the moment the performers are speaking, there is an invitation, understanding happens with only a few steps in time to spare, I gather some of the offered red dough. Am I brave enough to take it from the body? ….. No, this bit under the arm will do. A tactile adventure on my way to the seat. A connectedness.


Potential by Janine Proost, Photograph by Pippa Dodds

It begins, I squeeze, there is time to see and squeeze. The choreography invites us to see and then see again and then drop your perception and see again. The performers maintain intense focus and faces melt as images are held for extended moments of experience. I see that there is an experience. These shapes are alive, my mind wanders and returns to see anew and to search for the difference that time has wrought on the body, on the experience of this moment. I enjoy this time to see me in seeing them. To witness my own process and appreciate the shapes, the detail, the tenderness, the difficulty, the potential that builds within.

Rupture, unexpected shift in paradigm takes me to a social theory of change as a series of ruptures in the social fabric rather than gradual small changes over time. Who was that? Doesn’t matter…. later, NOW is bright lights, time for new engaging. Active, sound, sing, physical, connection, throw the dough, enjoy the weight of it as it falls, the mischief of throwing. Remembered tactile sensation emerges as the dough, now being played out by the performers, encounters metamorphosis, difference, fractured, individual contexts, pathways.

Satisfying weight as the dough gathers to form one mound. Satisfying experience, alive mind, red hands to take home.


Potential by Janine Proost, Photograph by Pippa Dodds


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