Why ‘Space in Motion’?

??????)I intuitively named my dance business/practice ‘space in motion’ a very long time ago. I did not think too much about the name and what it meant to my life and dance practice. I understood it in my body as I moved through space in all manner of contexts.

As I travelled through a life in dance, following new ideas and directions as they presented themselves and actively creating them when I found myself at an impasse,  the name faded into the cacophany of life events, study, creative projects, collaborations, forming and re-forming groups of artists and working for different arts organisations. All of these things were and are positive amazing life experiences but somewhere in the mix that intuitive sense of my own body and practice became hazy, scattered and unfocused.

It took a big change, some yoga and modern dance sessions on my deck, some improvisation with amazing people, 2 years of mental space & an abrupt question in some feedback I received to shake me out of the scattered cacophony and onto a more productive path. This blog is about articulating my perspective within the multiple contexts within which I work & live.

As the finale to my first post let me express in words something that I still understand in my body and my way of being in the world.

We as individuals move in a collaborative ‘space’. AS we move we shift the space around us both figuratively and imaginatively. As decisions are made & contexts defined new potentiality emerges and exciting new directions can be explored. The inter-connectedness of movement and context are a joy to play with.

And with that I reclaim the name Space In Motion

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