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Herbie Cox Mildura

About 12 months ago I went to see a show called The Ballad of Herbie Cox. At the time I was about to enjoy the priviledge of being guest editor for MAN (the Mother Artist Network), an initiative of Joanna Pollitt and Lily Blue, and I was thinking and reading deeply about the experiences of mother artists. I was so inspired and enlivened by this show that I wrote a little response for Victoria and Roland.

Thoughts on The Ballad of Herbie Cox

A deeply personal yet strangely universal expression of family and life. At times confronting in its honesty but always engaging Victoria and Roland reveal stories and issues from their own families in a way that allows an audience space to connect and reflect both within and without the context of family. Inspired by the future, the past is generously revealed in vignettes of story, song & dance building a non-linear construction of life in all its tenderness, tragedy, fun and love. The multi-talented, multi-tasking artistic and life duet of Victoria Chiu and Roland Cox invite you into their lives and offer an opportunity to view your own life and family through the prism of their performance. Intellectually stimulating and great entertainment for a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the theatre.

They are performing this show tonight and tomorrow afternoon in Mildura! If you are nearby you really should treat yourself to a great night/afternoon out. It s not just about being a parent but about family life in all its awkward beauty!

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