What Cake?

I have been looking for sufficient time to write the perfect blog post…. Only to realise that this is a false ambition. Both the perfection and the perceived amount of time to achieve it are false hopes that need to bow to the reality of the multi-tasking woman I have become. One must simply begin……

It’s time to find out what cakes I am going to start with. Then I am going to share my cakes with you and I hope that you will make your own cakes and share them with me.

The process has already lead me to some uncomfortable self understanding (always the case when artistic process interrogates life) but also towards the possibility of diversifying the conversation to be more inclusive of the breadth of women’s experiences. I am very conscious that as I begin this creative process the mother-artist theme is very prevalent. This is simply because that is my own lived experience and as I discovered after an afternoon of cake dividing,  the thing that dominates my mind, body and soul.


The Recipe

2 or 3 pieces of paper

pens/pencils in different colours

A pinch of time

A dash of thought


First I sat down and acknowledged the sense of overwhelm I felt at the task ahead and the strong desire to procrastinate by watching my latest favorite Youtube dance bite or maybe even doing the dishes!


Just in case you want to begin with a little procrastination too…..

Then I started by writing down a whole heap of words on a page relating to tasks/responsibilities/perceived roles I play in community, family and workplace. I drew a whole heap of lines joining them together and slowly grouped them into 3 large categories that were relevant to me. Personal relationships (personal life), Artist (job), Community Member. Then I began dividing these up into sub categories or cakes. (See image above) I thought about the amount of time I spend on each of the slices of cake trying to find the arbitrary 6 that my arts project application said I would explore. And here are the 7 cakes in no particular order but all important. (realise I began with an objective of 6 and finished with 7. It’s somewhat poetic I think)

Photo by Photoferg.com

Photo by Photoferg.com

The Cakes

  • Artist
  • Mother
  • Home Manager
  • Volunteer
  • Partner/wife
  • Me
  • family/friend relationships  

 As I progress towards a performative outcome I have begun to look at my own stories from each cake, the harmonious overlaps between some cakes and the discordant competition between others. Stories from these experiences will follow. That’s the fun part!!!

Please if you have time I would love to hear about your own 6 or 7 or 8 cakes in life and how you juggle them all. You can contact me via email on viv@spaceinmotion.com or post them on the FB page of you like. It would be very interesting for me to gather a broader understanding of the diversity of the roles women fulfill in their lives and which ones we each value enough to identify when given a parameter.

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