Safe Dance Policy

Practicing SAFE Dance is a key priority of all Dance ARC & Youth in Motion events, classes & workshops. This includes:

A Safe Physical Environment

  • Appropriate sprung floor is necessary for regular classes and activities.
  • Where events and classes are in non traditional dance venues, (eg. outdoors, on surfaces other than sprung floors, at community events) appropriate information to mitigate potential hazards and issues will be distributed to participants, staff and parents prior to the event.
  • Care and due dilligence will be taken to fully inspect venues before events, classes and workshops.

Safe Practice of Dance Movement

  • Maintain up to date information for teachers about practicing safe dance.
  • Ensuring that all activities follow these procedures. You can find information about Safe Dance Practce HERE.
  • Maintain availability of up to date first aid kit at all classes and events
  • Have someone present who has been trained in senior first aid certificate.

A Safe Emotional Environment for Dance

  • Develop open and trusting relationships with students. (see Dance ARC Values for classes below)
  • Appreciate individuality and help build on strengths.
  • Promote self-esteem, assertiveness, independence and confidence.
  • Be aware of, and sensitive to, the external pressures facing students, especially teenagers.
  • Accept and work together to manage stress, anxiety or other problems.
  • Use motivational strategies to help a dancer through challenging developmental periods, illness, injury and rehabilitation.

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